May/June 2021


May/June 2021

Welcome to the May/June 2021 Newsletter.

Welcome to new members to the club in the past few months – most recent members include Daniel Hill, Sawyer Wichello and Margaret Bassett. We hope to meet you at the club soon, and look forward to joining you on the range.

A reminder to all members that your club fees fall due on 1st July.

Category Regular Member
Casual Member

(capped at $175 per year for individuals, or $300 per year for families)

Adult $150 $75 + $10 per session
Junior $80 $50 + $10 per session
Family $270 $120 + $10 per session per person

Don’t forget too, that you need to have a current affiliation with either Archery Australia, 3D AAA, or ABA to maintain your insurance coverage. You may be asked to show your affiliation card by a member of the committee.

After a few false starts thanks to Covid 19, our ArchANGELS program is set to begin in June. It’s good to see the interest we’ve had from women in the community for this program, and we hope that some participants may become members!

A reminder to all that completing a QR registration on entry is mandatory everywhere nowadays. You will find copies of the Durham Park QR form around the clubrooms. Please sign in when you enter the facility. Let’s all do our bit to get on top of Covid 19, so we can all get back to archery as soon as possible.



Jim was born in NSW, in the Sydney suburb of Strathfield, and now lives on a small property between Allansford and Warrnambool.

His foray into archery began some seven years ago in Sri Lanka, when he was looking for a weekend activity. He attended a couple of “Come & Try” sessions in Colombo, joined a club there, and was lucky enough to be taught by a national champion archer. He continued with the sport in Indonesia, and now in Australia.

Jim is on the Archers of Warrnambool committee holding the position of Grants Officer. One of his proudest achievements with the club is the grants he has been able to secure which have enabled the club to improve and upgrade its facilities and equipment for members.

Jim shoots with a Samik Polaris bow, at 24 lbs, and uses Skylon 800 carbon arrows. His best indoor score is 245/300 on an 80cm face at 18 metres distance.

His archery goals include to improve his consistency and to shoot more regularly indoors.

Jim’s hobbies outside archery are horses, especially working with young horses, his small farm, and surfing.

His favourite movie is Shoreshank Redemption. He’s not into superheros, but loves to relax by listening to 70’s folk and pop music classics (Seekers, Cat Stevens, Bruce Springstein etc).

His time living in Pakistan influenced his favourite food(s) – Pakistani meals, especially aloo paratha.

Jim’s favourite holiday destination is not specific – but anywhere on a tropical beach rates highly. His ideal would be an uncrowded tropical surfing beach.

Although we don’t see Jim too often at the range, he works diligently behind the scenes securing funding for our club. We have him to thank for many of the upgrades we can see, both in equipment and facilities development over the past 12 – 18 months, including improvements on both the 90 metre range and the field course.

Thanks Jim for your efforts!


For those members interested in committee matters, here are some of the highlights of the April meeting …..

  1. Field Course – Many archers have commented that it takes too long to complete the full 24-end field course in one afternoon. The committee suggests that alternate half courses (12 targets) be played on alternate weeks that the field range is open.
  2. Range Opening Times – Times have been allocated to Archers of Warrnambool as below. The committee was keen to support members who want to use the range(s) more frequently and will pay the additional costs involved.

    Tuesdays 3pm – 9pm
    Wednesdays 11am – 6pm (Reserved for Women’s programs if scheduled)
    Fridays 5pm – 10pm (Includes Pennant on 2nd & 4th Fridays each month)
    Saturdays 11am – 3pm
    Saturdays 10am – 1pm (Field course 1st & 3rd Saturdays)

  3. Equipment Purchases – a string jig, arrow roller and two new low poundage bows have been approved for purchase.


Archers of Warrnambool is one of seven target shooting associations that base themselves at the Durham Park complex. The other clubs are Lake Gillear Target Rifle Club, Warrnambool Small Bore Rifle Club, Warrnambool Rifle Club, No. 12 Western District Rifle Association, Warrnambool Gun Club, and the North Warrnambool Rifle Club. Each club has a member nominated to act as a director on the WTSC, and each club owns a share in the WTSC company. Meetings are held regularly.

The WTSC is responsible for securing the lease of our land from Wannon Water, collects fees from member clubs, and in 2020-21 has reported a healthy financial status. Some of the projects managed by the WTSC include agistment of cattle on the land, installation of a security system and allocation of keys to member clubs.

The AoW director on the WTSC is our president, Mike Clark.


Would you like to purchase an Archers of Warrnambool cap?

Cost is $20 (below cost price, so they are a bargain!).
If you’d like one, please contact Gerry Mahoney on 0447592607.


The autumn indoor league results are finalised, with award winners being:
A grade – David Reid
B grade – Mick Austin
C grade – Gerard Ivander

Congratulations to all competitors for turning up on Friday evenings, and especially to the three grade winners.

The winter indoor league will be starting soon – watch Facebook for details.


Specific funding was secured through VicHealth and “This Girl Can” to encourage local women into archery. The program has been slow getting off the ground due to Covid 19 restrictions, but has aroused the interest of local women, with the 1st program fully booked, and set to start in June. We have the ArchANGELS program to thank for some of the new bows now owned by the club, which are also available for use by those who are starting out in the sport.