September 2020


September 2020

Welcome to the AoW’s September newsletter.

Once again we were faced with further Covid19 restrictions, and the Durham Park Complex was closed. We all hope that we can resume as soon as possible, and we will let all members know through social media, the newsletter & other contacts when we have a new opening date.

During this second lockout period, some members undertook the Archery Australia Level 1 Coaching program. Congratulations to those who completed successfully – Charlotte Iverach, Elliot Riley, Paul Minifie, Denise Burrell & Mike Clark (who was doing a refresher). With the new coaches on board the club will be better placed to manage the popular “Come N Try” sessions on Saturday mornings, when they resume, as well as the women’s ArchANGELS program later in the year.

Enjoy the newsletter this month. Thanks to contributors; if you have a suggestion or a piece for the next edition, please let us know!



Belinda is one of the newest members of AoW.

She was born in Geelong, and now is a resident of Warrnambool.

Although trying archery as a sport many years ago, she only took it up again about four weeks ago, between Covid19 “lock outs”. She loves the sport, and particularly loves being able to share it with her two young children, Jazper and Izabell.

Being a single mum with four children, her sporting outlets are restricted to archery – she has no time for additional sporting persuits. She uses a 68” recurve bow and in a very short time has already qualified for 20m distance. Belinda’s main goal in archery is to have fun and share the experience with her children.

She loves anything “Marvel”, and her favourite super hero is Deadpool.
She loves listening to bluegrass band The Pigs.
Her favourite dish is lasagne, and favourite holiday destination is Hepburn Springs.

Best of luck, Belinda, with your archery, and we’re keen to see you back at the range as soon as possible.


Due to the second wave of Covid19, and subsequent tightened restrictions on our club activities, the AGM that was planned for 05 September has been postponed. You will be notified of the revised date for the AGM in good time, but at this time the meeting date has not been set.

AoW FEES – 2020-2021

Membership fees fell due on 1st July. The club relies on fees from memberships to make improvements to the club, from which we all benefit. Those who are not financial (ie. have not paid their club fees) will be asked to pay a range fee of $10 each time they come to the club to shoot.

You may be asked by a committee member to show your current membership card, and to show evidence of your insurance cover (Archery Australia, 3DAAA, ABA etc) whilst you are at the club. Please have these handy when you arrive.

Casual ana non-financial members are also reminded that a $10 range fee is payable each time you use the club facilities.


Peter Hill has an active interest in tuning recurve bows, and Club members who use recurve bows have been offered an opportunity to work with him to properly tune their bows. Tuning is especially important for those wanting to shoot at 30 metres and beyond. Peter is available on Saturday mornings (11am – 1pm) once the club activities resume, to check your bow’s settings.

Those members who have already taken advantage of his expertise are grateful for the adjustments he has been able to make, & are looking forward to shooting better scores once the range reopens.

Thanks, Peter, for providing expert assistance.

Here is a third instalment from member Peter’s booklet – this month on limb alignment.


Limb Alignment is important to ensure your limbs are not twisted, which will give great difficulty with correct arrow release and flight.

Use two limb gauges for each limb. They are attached to the limbs where they meet the Riser and higher on the limb. Place the bow on a chair so that there is no pressure on the limbs and visually check that the limbs are aligned with the string running through the same markers on the limb gauges. If your bow has adjustable limbs you have the option of adjusting the limb that is out of alignment. If your limbs are not adjustable, then you may be able to gently twist them back into alignment.


Most archery accidents occur around targets/target butts.
Here are a couple of important tips that will ensure you and other shooters will not be injured whilst collecting your arrows.

> always approach the target butt from the side,
> always pull your arrows out of the target butt from side-on (not from behind),
> before pulling arrows, check that no one is standing behind the arrows, who might be injured if you pull back to extract the arrow(s),
> make sure the target butt is secure before you pull arrows, otherwise it may fall on top of you or others.


Along with being conscious of safety on the range, there are a few aspects of etiquette with which new archers may be unfamiliar.

Archers should be aware of the time they spend retrieving their arrows on the range. Collecting and scoring takes time, but you are encouraged not to stand around the target/target butt in discussion or taking photos. Remember other archers may be already back at the safety line waiting for the range to be clear for the next end of shooting. Discussions are best taken out of the range, allowing shooting to continue. You may rejoin the line-up at any time.