July 2020



July 2020

Welcome to the AoW’s July newsletter.

Your AoW Committee has been busy behind the scenes in June, with some changes to club fees and fee structure to be noted below. You will notice a slight fee increase this year, but the increase has been kept to an absolute minimum. Current financial members will also get some fee relief for next year, with a one-off 25% “Covid19 discount” to offset the three months that members were unable to access the ranges. Fees for the 2020-21 year fall due on 1st July.

Members are now returning to the range for club shoots, with good numbers on each day – Saturdays, Tuesdays and Fridays. For those who have not yet ventured back to the range, please come and renew acquaintances and enjoy our great sport.

We all still need to be aware of Covid19 restrictions, even though they are easing off now. Importantly, at this stage, only one shooter per target (unless they are from the same family), and please remember not to handle other people’s equipment (this includes pulling other’s arrows from the target).


Member Profile: Jason Thornton

Although born in Warrnambool, Jason moved away for study, & has now returned to live in North Warrnambool.
Years earlier, Jason was introduced to archery at school, and was looking for a sport that he and his brother Travis could do together. He decided to about eight months ago to come along to the “Come & Try” sessions, and then became a full member about two months later. He has moved up from using the club’s equipment, and now uses a 28lb Ragim Wildcat recurve bow.

Currently archery is an activity Jason does for enjoyment, and in the future he may travel to club shoots at other clubs and become involved in competition. His best scores to date for a single end are 56 over a 20m distance, and 54 over 18m.

Jason loves IT, and has made it his career. His other interests include gaming and an eclectic variety of music, especially metal and ‘80s music (red hot summer). He also attends music festivals and concerts, and follows pub bands.

Wolverine is Jason’s favourite superhero character, and he is into marvel movies.
A pub chicken parma is his favourite meal, and for holidays Jason likes nothing better than heading up the highway to Geelong to kick back with his mates.

Jason’s form is steadily improving and no doubt we’ll see him join the club comps in the coming season.

AoW FEES – 2020-2021

AoW membership fees will fall due on 1st July, however several changes have been agreed by the committee for the 2020-21 fees.

  • Since no archery has been possible during the three months of March, April & May, the committee has decided that for current financial members a fee reduction of 25% will be given. The table below sets out the fees payable for the up-coming season:
Category Regular Member
(New Member)
Regular Member Renewal

(2020-21 season only – net of “Covid19 Discount” for current financial members)

Casual Member

(capped at $175 per year for individuals, or $300 per year for families)

Adult $150 $115 $75 + $10 per session
Junior $80 $60 $50 + $10 per session
Family $270 $200 $120 + $10 per session per person
  • New members joining the club will no longer be required to pay an additional “one-off” $50 joining fee.


AoW is thrilled to be awarded the 2019 Amazon Sports Club of the year, at the SW Sport’s (virtual) awards presentation on 26th June. The award recognises the work and dedication of the club during the year in building club spirit, encouraging new members, and making positive efforts to encourage more women into our sport.

A pat on the back for the AoW committee and all members for this great achievement!

Now that the range is re-opened, it is timely to remind everyone when it is available for archery practice.

In the indoor range, distances up to 18 metres are available, whilst on the outdoor range, distances of up to 90 metres are possible.

Members’ Sessions:
Saturdays – From 11am – 1pm the outdoor range only may be used
– From 1pm – 4pm both the indoor and outdoor ranges are available
Tuesday Evenings – From 4pm – 7pm (indoor and outdoor ranges available)
Friday Evenings – From 4pm – 7pm (club competition night)

“Come and Try” Sessions:
Saturdays – From 11am – 1pm in the indoor range
– Note that club members may resume the indoor range from 1pm

Please note that all archers (members and non-members) must register before practice. Registration includes name, phone contact, AoW membership number, and AA, ABA or 3DAAA member number.

An honesty system operates for soft drinks, bottled water, coffee and tea in the canteen. Money should be paid into the petty cash box in the archery cupboard.
Soft drinks $2
Water $1
Coffee pods/Tea $1
(when available)

Smoking is prohibited in indoor areas.
Smoking is permitted outdoors, but for the comfort of all members, smokers are requested not to smoke in the outdoor range area if it is in use.

As experience and accuracy improves, shooters will want to shoot at greater distances. For safety reasons (and to reduce the number of lost arrows!), archers need to qualify for distances greater than 10 metres. This is best demonstrated through a scoring system of 30 arrows.
The first distance qualifying session was held on 13th June, with several archers qualifying for either 30 or 40 metre distances. Congratulations to Mick Austin, Alex Nesic, Peter Hill & Denise Burrell (all now qualified for 40m).
On the second Saturday of each month, club members have the opportunity to qualify for longer distances, from 2pm. If you wish to qualify for a further distance, come along to the next distance qualifying round on Saturday, 11th July.


Planning for ArchANGELS is underway, and members are asked to submit a catchy logo to the subcommittee that we can use for the program. The logo should reflect the program (women’s participation) and include a “This Girl Can” theme. Email your suggestions to Jim Burrell (jimbo2255@gmail.com).

There will be a delay in starting this program due to Covid19, but before the end of the year we expect many women will have participated in the ArchANGELS program.


Club member Peter Hill has put his time in Covid19 Lockdown to good use, and produced a brochure on tuning the recurve bow. With Peter’s permission, sections of the brochure will be reprinted in the newsletter each month. The first instalment is concerned with the bow’s brace height. Thanks Peter for your research.


Correct brace height will give your bow it’s optimum balance and will determine how “sweetly” your bow performs. Brace Height is measured from the innermost part of the handle to the string using a Bow Square.

Most recurve bows have a brace height of between 8.5”and 9.25”. Check your particular bow’s brace height in the User’s Manual or on the Internet. Use a Bow Square to measure each time your fit your string to the bow. Higher brace heights generally are more forgiving to the archer’s release.

To increase brace height put more twists in the string in a clockwise motion. To decrease brace height, untwist the string anti-clockwise. This is for a right-handed archer. For left-handed archers, the string should be twisted in the reverse. The string should be twisting in the clockwise position for both LH and RH archers, as the string is drawn back.

Start by shooting an arrow at the lowest height, and listen to the sound of the bow. When the bow is the quietest when shooting, then that is the correct brace height. Then, increase the brace height by 1/8”to 1/4” and shoot another. Continue until you have reached the top brace height. By then, you should have identified which brace height suits your bow best. If possible, have another archer listen also while you shoot.

Measuring the brace height with a bow square.