December 2020


December 2020

Welcome to the AoW’s December newsletter.

What a year we’ve been through! With severe disruptions to our annual programming and schedule, the club has come through the Covid 19 ordeal showing plenty of determination and grit, and turned the challenges into positive opportunities. We are now looking towards 2021 with much enthusiasm.

Thanks to the untiring work of members, 2020 has seen many changes and improvements to the club, despite the enforced down-time caused by Covid 19. Both indoor and outdoor ranges have been extended, targets re-packed and the precinct maintained. As well, the long-awaited 24 target field course is in place. Several grant applications have been successful, resulting in new equipment being purchased, and new introductory programs planned. Several members are now accredited Level 1 coaches. We have also produced a monthly newsletter this year.

Notably, our club was recognised as the Amazon Sporting Club of the Year.

We have also welcomed several new members to the club. A special welcome to our most recent new members, compound shooter Ross Crockett, and barebow shooters Pam Collings and Paul Stuckey. It’s great to see the many new faces around the clubhouse.

We were pleased to be able to extend our sport into the general community in November, introducing the skills of archery to school children, and youth who work within the Brophy group. As our community profile is raised, we hope to increase our community activities.

With the Christmas season upon us, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish all members the compliments of the season, and hope that those taking a break at this time stay safe and healthy.

The year ahead promises to be a great one for archery. Here’s hoping for high scores, great groups, and few lost arrows!



From 22nd November all ranges are re-opened. All members, visitors and other spectators must register their name(s) and contact details as they arrive. All are requested to use hand sanitiser.

The cap for participants using the indoor range is 25 persons (including spectators, but excluding coaches). Masks must be worn except whilst on the shooting line, and the 1.5 metre social distancing rules apply.

The maximum number of people using both the outdoor range and the field course is unlikely to be reached, due to the large area of both. Face masks are not required outdoors unless individuals are unable to socially distance the required 1.5m. Archers can share target butts and target faces but must retrieve their own arrows.


Gerry was born in the outer eastern
Melbourne suburb of Croydon, and
now lives in East Warrnambool close
to Deakin Uni and the Hopkins River.

Gerry’s first encounter with archery was about 20 years ago, when he took his son to try the sport. Although his son did not continue, Gerry always thought he would take up the sport himself when his work and family commitments were not so heavy. He joined Archers of Warrnambool early in 2018 and, now retired, is able to devote much time to the sport. Gerry is also an active AoW committee member, serving as Secretary in 2019/20, and currently as club Treasurer.

Gerry shoots with a Samik Sage 35lb, 62 inch bow, and is proud to have won the club’s C-Grade Winter Indoor Championship in 2019.

2020 has been a quiet year for Gerry due the dual enforced breaks of Covid 19 and a hip replacement, but his aims for the future are to improve his skills and combine his love for travel by competing in tournaments around Australia. The Australian Master’s Games in Perth in 2021 are in his sights already!

Aside from archery, Gerry has an interest in many genres of music, from Beethoven to Roy Orbison, Paul Simon to Pavarotti. He particularly loves listening to soprano & tenor voices.
His favourite movie (and book) is “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
Superman – the original (George Reeves) – is his favourite superhero.
Gerry’s favourite dish is pasta.
With a newly acquired caravan, Gerry is looking forward to travelling, with favourite destination Tasmania.

Gerry is an active and enthusiastic club member, devoting much time behind the scenes to improving the club. With his plans for competition and travel, he will be lifting the profile of Archers of Warrnambool wherever he goes!


On 16th November some of our members – Dave, Gerry & Denise – spent a day at St Joseph’s School introducing Year 6 boys and girls to archery. Fortunately we were able to utilise the sports hall for the activity as Warrnambool turned on gale force winds on the day!

The children were enthusiastic and keen to have a go, some showing considerable natural talent. We hope that we’ll see them at future Come N’Try sessions.

Balloons on target added to the interest at St Joseph’s school on Monday 16th November.

On Monday 26th November South West Sport organised a group of clients and support workers from the Brophy Group to enjoy an “archery taster” on our 10m indoor range. The group was very enthusiastic, with several showing great aptitude for the sport. Thanks to Mike, Peter, Jim and Denise for providing coaching and skills training. This group was the 1st to try out some of the club’s new gear – new bows and PPE.


Brophy Group lining up

Participant Zac showing considerable skill on his 1st try at archery


  1. Warrnambool Rifle Club Christmas Breakup
    The WRC has invited the archers from AoW to its Christmas breakup on Friday 11th December. We hope that members of both clubs will take the opportunity to get to know each other better, so please make the effort to come along.
    There will be a BBQ (BYO meat & salads),with drinks available at bar prices.
    There is an opportunity to try shooting if you wish. For $20 per person you can get a box of shells and 25 clay targets for a try-out.
  2. Archers of Warrnambool Breakup
    AoW will have a BBQ at the clubhouse on Saturday 19th December, starting at 1.30pm.
    Awards will also be presented during the afternoon.
    We look forward to seeing all members and their families on Saturday 19th 😊


For members who are keen to try out their new archery gear delivered by Santa, or for those who want a break from eating & drinking on Christmas Day, the archery range will be open from 2pm.

For those interested in scoring, a Canberra round will be on the go. A “Canberra” consists of three rounds of 30 arrows at 60, 50 and 40 metres.


First Saturday of the month * Field shoot (11am start).
Note that the field course caters for all levels, with a 20m distance on all targets for those starting out. Next field shoot is on Saturday, 5th December.

Second Saturday * Club championship competition continues
Fourth Saturday * QDE – Qualifying distance event (2pm start)
Second & fourth Fridays * Indoor league continues (7pm start)

Congratulations to Ross Crockett who qualified to shoot to 30m at November’s QDE.


Come & Try sessions have resumed on Saturday mornings from 11am. A new “system” is now operating:

  • Those wishing to participate will need to book prior to arriving at the range. To book in, call Mike Clark on 0422 868 406.
  • Two sessions will be run, Session 1 at 11am and Session 2 at 12 noon.
  • Participants will be charged $10 for each session they attend (up to three sessions). Should they then choose to join the club, they will receive a discount of the equivalent amount on their fees.



    This month, member Peter Hill explains how to adjust the final centreshot on a recurve bow.


Start at the 30 metre face and walk back 5 metres. Aim at a high position on the target face and shoot 1 arrow. Repeat at 5 metre intervals until your last shot is at 30 metres back from the target butt.

If this pattern is shot, bring Centershot IN by adjusting Plunger Collar






If this pattern is shot, bring Centershot OUT by adjusting Plunger Collar






The ideal pattern should look like this:





Then use the large barrel to adjust Centershot IN or Out to bring stray arrows into the group. i.e. move barrel towards number 1 or 10 on the large barrel.


After the arrow is released, many archers move immediately, or allow their bow arm to drop or relax too quickly. For a better result the follow through after release should not be forgotten.

The follow through should be a natural reaction, as a result of the loads placed on the body being released. The drawing hand should move in a backward action, whilst the bow arm and bow will move slightly forward.

Archers should maintain focus, by continuing to look at the target, while keeping their head still until the arrow strikes the target. After the arrow has hit the target, lower the bow arm and the drawing hand to the side of the body.


Car stickers are available from David Reid, for $5.00 each.