April 2020

April 2020 Newsletter #2

Welcome to the second edition of AoW’s newsletter.

As with every other social activity, archery has been affected by the outbreak of the Covid19 virus. Our club, as with all other archery clubs and indeed every sporting club, has ceased activities until the Covid19 situation is deemed “safe”.
Those who can set up ranges at home are fortunate; Others will need to pick up where we left off once the range reopens. We will be providing updates on the website in the interim.
For all members, please stay safe by following the guidelines provided – we want everyone healthy and ready to go as soon as the crisis is over.


Member Profile: Charlotte Iverach – Club Treasurer

  • Charlotte was born in Hornsby, NSW, and now is a resident of Warrnambool.
  • She first tried her hand at archery about eight months ago, after her partner Elliot, already a brilliant and talented archer, invited her along for a tryout.
  • Charlotte also enjoys other active sports – kayaking, hiking – and less active – fishing and reading.
  • She is a recurve shooter, using a R3 ToPoint bow and carbon express nano 166 700 arrows.
  • Her personal best score is 281 on an 80cm target face at 18m, and her proudest achievement was gaining a higher score than Elliot (both using recurve) in an indoor round!
  • Charlotte sets high archery goals – she aims to better a score of 250 on traffic light target face someday.
  • Charlotte’s favourite movie(s) are the Harry Potter series.
  • Favourite superhero is Deadpool.
  • Favourite food dish is laksa.
  • Favourite holiday destination is Iceland.
  • She listens to her favourite alt-rock on Triple J.

Thanks Charlotte for sharing your profile. Good luck with your goal of 250 on traffic lights!


The AoW committee thinks that the service and benefits provided by 3D AAA is limited, and recommends that the club affiliation be changed to Australian Bowhunters Association (ABA). This would maintain insurance cover to members, also increase members’ opportunities to compete at ABA meets, and receive six ABA newsletters per year (hunting orientation). However it also means a higher annual fee (see below).

Archers of Warrnambool also maintains its affiliation with Archery Australia (AA), and members have the choice to join this association (which automatically includes insurance, membership of Archery Victoria & Archers of Warrnambool). AA membership provides access to coaching from accredited coaches, as well as the opportunity to undertake coaching training and participate in AA/AV sponsored events.

Comparison of Membership Fees:









Master (> 50 years)




Veteran (> 60 years)





From $405.00

From $451.54

From $250





We are keen to know your views about changing affiliation. Feel free to discuss with any of the committee – Mike, Dave, Charlotte, Gerry or Denise.


Are you interested in getting a coaching qualification, or becoming a mentor to new members?
We need additional coaches and volunteers to assist on Saturday morning “Come & Try” sessions (11am – 1pm).
If you are interested in helping out, please talk with Mike Clark about what is required.


Mt Clay Archers – Unmarked ABA 3 Day Shoot, 7-9 March
Well done Jess and Dave Reid, Chris Densley, Kane Bartlett and Jess Smith who all travelled to Heywood to represent the club at the Mt Clay Archers Unmarked ABA Shoot over the March long weekend.
The event consisted of a 3 arrow unmarked round of 20 targets on Saturday afternoon, a 1 arrow unmarked round of 20 targets Sunday morning, followed by a 3 arrow unmarked round of 20 targets Sunday afternoon. The event finished with a 1 arrow unmarked round on Monday morning with presentations held just after lunch. The event attracted a large contingent of archers from all over the state and beyond. Our club archers all had a great time and did AoW proud. They also enjoyed making new friends and catching up with some old ones.
It was the first time for Chris shooting outdoors, shooting unmarked distances, shooting further than 20m and shooting an ABA round. He should be absolutely chuffed with his performance, as he did not miss any of the 80 targets and he also came home with all his arrows. Jess and Dave can’t say the same. 😊


The Autumn League began well on 13th March, with 12 archers attending the first session. Congratulations to the eight archers who recorded Personal Best scores on the night. Unfortunately, the autumn competition has now been cancelled, due to Covid 19 restrictions.

The annual Club Championships are to be held on the fourth Saturday of every month on the outdoor range (1pm start) once club activities resume.
Events will be varied each week and will comprise of 30 arrow rounds being shot over different distances at differing target faces. It will be a minimum of 60 arrows per event up to a maximum of 120 arrows per event. There will be two events held during each club championship shoot, 1 event will be at distances between 10m and 30m and 1 event will be at distances up to 70m. Members can shoot out to whatever distance they are qualified for, and all scores will be awarded points towards the annual Club Champion Trophy, to be presented to the top shooters in each division.

As you may be aware, all scheduled events around the state have been cancelled but we have now laid out the first 6 targets for our own field course at the range. Once we resume shooting, we will be holding an introduction to marked and unmarked World Archery field shooting as well as an introduction to the Australian Bowhunters Association and International Field Archers association rounds. Our field course will be set up to enable us to shoot all competitive rounds of field archery, regardless of the associated governing body, and we encourage everyone to give it a try. It is a very enjoyable form of our sport.
We hope to be able to complete the 24-target course before the end of the year and next year hold a 1 or 2 day shoot of our own, inviting archers from all over Australia to come and compete.


Saturday mornings          – “Come & Try” sessions suspended due to Covid19

Tuesday Evenings            – suspended due to Covid19

Friday Evenings                 – suspended due to Covid19

Events                                  – All events from all clubs have been cancelled during the Covid19 crisis


We all carry mobile phones, and many members use a mobile phone app to record their scores. But in archery, a ringing phone or a phone conversation may upset another person’s concentration. For the benefit of all ….

  • Please remember to turn off the sound on your phone, or put it on flight mode whilst on the range.
  • If a call comes in on your phone, or you need to make a call, please leave the range (indoors & outdoors) for the duration of the call.