Monthly Club Field Shoot

9 October 2021 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Archers of Warrnambool
200 Buckleys Rd
Allansford VIC 3277

The club event that is scheduled to be shot will be a marked 24 target World Archery Field Round, to be shot on the John Goodwin Field Course. Participation is encouraged but not compulsory, club members not wishing to shoot the John Goodwin Field Course are still able to access the 90m outdoor range from 11am and the 20m indoor range from 1pm.

Archers from other clubs are invited to attend this event with the outdoor range open from 11am for practice, before all competitors meet at the muster area adjacent to the John Goodwin Field Course at approximately 12:45pm. After a short safety briefing groups of two to four archers will be assigned a starting target and shooting will commence at 1pm sharp. Competitors will take a break for lunch once the first 12 targets have been shot, and will resume shooting 45 minutes later to complete the final 12 targets.

The course has been set up with the required Red, Blue and Yellow shooting pegs, but also includes a White peg to allow novice archers to experiences field shooting as well. The White peg is shot from between 10 metres and 20 metres, depending on the size of the target being shot at. Using this method, any archer who has qualified to shoot at 20 metres will be able to shoot the field course safely and with little risk of damaging their equipment or losing their arrows.

Archers of Warrnambool’s facilities include Ladies and Gents toilets and showers, a fully equipped kitchen and powered and unpowered campsites. This enables visitors to the club to stay overnight so there is no need to rush home after shooting, they can relax and get to know the friendly members of AoW.

20cm Bugs Eyes
40cm Target Face
60cm Target Face
80cm Target Face

Field archery is the format of modern archery that takes place on a multi-target course (often compared to a golf course) set out over all kinds of terrain including fields, woods and forests.

International field archery includes three bow styles: recurve, compound and barebow. Field archery is included in the programme of the World Games for recurve and barebow athletes (along with compound target archery).

Field archery is not shot over flat land, but includes up and down and cross-slopes,  it can include unmarked distance targets and challenges of light, dark and shadow. These additional aspects require skills known as “fieldcraft”.
Athletes usually shoot at black and yellow coloured target faces set at distances of up to 60 metres. The targets have six concentric rings, four black and two gold. The inner gold ring scores six points, outer gold ring five points and black rings four to one point.