Come & Try Program

We are fortunate to have 2 accredited coaches to ensure that your archery experience is not only fun, but rewarding too.

By learning the correct way to shoot you will find that hitting the gold on the target becomes easier every day. We can coach you in recurve, compound and longbow!

The Come and Try Program is a prerequisite to be able to shoot on our archery range. All new members must complete the Come and Try Program and achieve a minimum level of proficiency before being allowed to shoot on the range without supervision.

The minimum age for the Come and Try Program is 10 years.

Try archery sessions are run on Saturdays, starting at 11:00am and finishing at 1:00pm at our range at Duram Park, 200 Buckley Road, Allansford, 3277. See the Come & Try under the Events section on our Home Page.

The Come and Try Program is held over 3 sessions on our indoor range with full coaching and all equipment supplied. Sessions are only $10 per person per session, bookings are essential and can be made by calling Mike Clark on 0422 868 406. Please make sure you have appropriate footwear as you will be unable to shoot if you have open toed shoes.


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We are constantly working to raise the profile of archery as a sport and to let as many people as possible find out how much fun archery can be. Young or old, male or female, able bodied or not, archery truly is a sport for everyone. If you would like to give archery a try, don’t hesitate to contact us either by calling 0422 868 406 or on Facebook and requesting more information.