Code Of Conduct

Archers of Warrnambool

Members Code of Conduct

Membership of the club is conditional upon agreement to observe and comply with this Code of Conduct, which has been established by the club to promote the highest standards of safety and respect when participating in and in the administration of the sport of archery.

This Code of Conduct relates to the conduct of all club members, whether they are full, associated, junior or concession members.

In addition, all club members are expected to observe and comply with the various Codes of Conduct as published from time to time by the sport’s governing bodies, Archery Australia, including their Code of Ethics.

Should any conflict arise between this Code of Conduct and any Code of Conduct produced by Archery Australia then the Archery Australia provisions will apply.

Expected Standards of Behaviour and Conduct

  1. Respect and Fair Play
    Club Members will,

    • Adhere to the Rules of Shooting and the spirit of archery.
    • Display and promote high standards of behaviour.
    • Promote fair play.
    • Not cheat, complain or waste time.
    • Act in a manner to ensure that the sport is enjoyable for everyone.
    • Accept success, failure, victory or defeat with dignity and respect for others.
    • Endeavour to be on time for training, competitions and events.
    • Never engage in or tolerate public criticism of other club members, other archers, coaches, judges or officials.
    • Accept responsibility for their behaviour.
  2. Respect of others
    Club Members will,

    • Speak to other club members, other archers, coaches, judges and officials with respect.
    • Respect the confidentiality of others.
    • Act in the best interest of other archers.
    • Never engage in or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.
    • Never engage in or tolerate bullying, intimidation or harassment.
    • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person associated with archery and the club, be they adult or child, treating everyone equally within the context of the sport of archery.
  3. Safety

Club Members will,

    • Never participate whilst under the influence of alcohol.
    • Always step back behind the waiting line (situated at least 2 metres behind the shooting line) when finished shooting.
    • Place the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each archer above everything including standards of performance.
    • Conduct their self in a manner that takes all responsible measures to protect the safety of themselves and others.
    • When shooting it is advisable to wear tight fitting clothes. Covered footwear, not sandals or thongs, is essential. Long hair should be tied back and bulky items should be removed from chest pockets. Members, in particular, will not wear
    • loose fitting upper garments; or
    • open toe footwear.
    • Make the Club Management Committee aware of any prevailing medical condition which may reasonably affect their safety or the safety of others.
    • Remember that exposed carbon fibre strands from broken carbon fibre arrows or limbs can penetrate the skin and cause health problems and therefore care must be taken to avoid touching the exposed fibres.
    • Ensure that if a bow or an arrow falls in front of the shooting line, never go forward to retrieve the arrow. Wait until all shooting has stopped and the signal to go forward has been given.
    • Ensure that their own equipment is maintained to the highest standards and offer it up upon request to the Club Captain or session supervisor for inspection.
    • Accept that the Club Captain or a session supervisor has the right to prevent the use of their own personal equipment in the event that the Club Captain or session supervisor is unsatisfied with its condition.
    • Not alter club equipment without the prior permission of the Club Captain.
    • Immediately notify the Club Captain and or a session supervisor in the event that club equipment is found by them to be faulty.
    • Only nock an arrow and draw a bow whilst on the shooting line and pointing towards a target.
    • 11 Not dry fire a bow.
  1. General conduct
    Club Members will

    • Take personal responsibly, where safely able to do so, at club sessions and events to help set up, take down and put away equipment for shooting.


Breaking the Code of Conduct


  1. Club Members accept that the club, in accordance with its adopted Constitution and in line with any relevant Archery Australia Disciplinary Policy, has the right to investigate any suspected or reported breach of this Code of Conduct and to take disciplinary action as it deems appropriate, including termination of club membership.


The safety of everyone at Archers of Warrnambool, whether they are shooting or just watching, is of paramount importance. Archery safety is a matter of exercising common sense, good judgement and courtesy. All members are responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. To make sure that everyone stays safe on and off the field we follow a few simple rules, some of which are outlined below. Our club’s Safety Policy follows that of archery’s national governing bodies in Australia (Archery Australia). Everyone who shoots at Archers of Warrnambool is a member of Archery Australia, and so should read, understand, and abide by the full Safety Policy of their affiliate club.