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Archers of Warrnambool would like to acknowledge the generosity of eResources
for the donation of our wonderful new PC setup. We are grateful to eResources
for this donation, which will assist us in many aspects of our club activities,
including administration and scorecard design.
Support from sponsors such as eResources helps our club and the community to
be the best that we can be!
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Saturday Working Bee 24/04

A working bee was held on Saturday 24 April to complete maintenance to the Field
Course and Indoor targets. A huge amount was achieved and archers worked strongly
together to get the jobs done.

Coaches downed the tools for a while to conduct our regular ‘Come and Try’ session
and then picked up the tools again afterwards – great effort.

Thanks to all those who attended, including those from Committee, and the following
non-committee: Mick and Riley Austin, Peter Hill, Dave Reid, Alex Nesic. Huge
efforts – please accept the Clubs thanks!

Autumn Indoor League Rounds 7 & 8

Archers are enjoying the Autumn Indoor League and some very pleasing results were


On Friday 23 April both Mick Austin and Gerard Ivander recorded PB’s – well done to both! 


Alex Nesic showed glimpses of his highly impressive recent form. Whilst Lex was
disappointed with his scores on the night, he finished very strongly. We all realised
why he is amongst the best compound archers around – some will say ‘The Best’ but
Lex modestly won’t have that.


The Indoor League provides a relaxed and supportive atmosphere to test and improve
your archery skills.

Archers are already putting their minds to the Winter Indoor League – details to
follow – why not join us? Ask next time you are at the club, and we’ll happily provide

Winter League 2020 Round 3 & 4

Hello Everyone.

On the 10/07 we saw the shooting of rounds 3 and 4 of our Winter Indoor League. Ten archers competed on the night, with Riley Austin shooting a personal best score on the night.

Round 1

With a small speech from our wonderful Club Captain we began round 3. Through out the whole round we had the usual sledging between Dave and Elliot and Lex.

After a quick 15 minute break

Round 2

Just as we were about to start Lex broke his release aid. Halfway through the round Lex decided to all of a sudden play with his sights. Much to the humor of Dave and Elliot.

Overall Scores

Archer Round 3 Round 4
Peter 152 159
Elliot 289 287
Lex 268 236
Jess 188 193
Dave 273 271
Chris 127 147
Paul 257 263
Mick 187 188
Riley 127 125
Denise 168 158

After league we had match play for some fun.

As you can see Dave finally beat Elliot at something. Good job Dave.

All in all it was a good night, and fun was had by all.