About Us

Adding up our scores

That’s a lot of arrows in the gold!

Concentrate, relax, and don’t jerk on the release. LOL

Archers Of Warrnambool is a progressive archery club located on Buckleys Road Allansford, overlooking Lake Gillear. Established in the 1960s and formerly based in Warrnambool, Archers Of Warrnambool provides sporting facilities from club level to Olympic standards for people of all ages interested in the sport of archery. The Club provides free weekly introductory Come ‘n’ Try sessions, including equipment, and regular training and events for members.

Facilites available include:

Outdoor Target Range

Distance up to 90 metres

18 metre Indoor Range

Ability to shoot in all conditions

Open every Saturday

Well appointed Clubrooms & Offices

Snack bar

You can email the club for further information or call 0422 868 406.