Shooting Update

Hello Everyone,
As we all know Regional Victoria is starting to open back up, for how long we don’t know. But this means we can sort of shoot again.
However we must follow these guidelines from Archery Victoria.
šŸŽÆOutdoors only. The indoor range is closed till further notice this includes Come and Try’s.
šŸŽÆMembers Only. if you haven’t paid your fees and or joined please contact Gerry.
šŸŽÆMasks at all times except on the shooting line. Just like everywhere else when you are out and about.
šŸŽÆNo Spectators – Archers Only. Spectators are prohibited except one parent/guardian permitted to supervise children if this is necessary. The same proviso is expected for carers where they are required.
šŸŽÆMaintain Social Distancing. We all know this one, please try to maintain a 1.5m distance from each other. i know it can be hard sometimes but we have to try.
Thank you everyone for sticking with us in these hard times. I know we haven’t had a lot of time to shoot this year but let’s hope that soon things will start to change and we can back into the swing of things.