Friday night Archery update

Indoor League 

Reminder that the Indoor League commences this Friday evening 2 July. Please come along!

As previously announced, participants can shoot the comp at any time during our Friday sessions i.e. 3pm to 8pm, as long as a club official can verify and sign off on the score. For example, one person might shoot at 3.30pm, and another at 6pm.

****Even more flexibility!!****whilst the preferred competition day is the Friday, archers can also shoot on the Saturday and still have scores entered in the competition. You just need to let us know ahead of shooting and have a club official on hand to verify and sign off on the score.*****

We aim to make it as easy and attractive as we can to encourage members to participate in this competition, which is conducted in a relaxed and encouraging setting.

Juniors are most welcome.

It would be appreciated if members would confirm an expression of interest, with an indication of a likely arrival time – this is not a requirement, but it would also help us in running the competition. The expression of interest should be directed by call or SMS to Gerry Mahony 0447592607 or by email: [email protected] Otherwise, just turn up.


Novelty archery 

These events are on every alternate Friday 3 – 8 pm. Archers can participate at any time between those hours. Novelty archery kicks off on Friday 9 July.

Come along, have a laugh and fun, and at the same time shoot some arrows!