AoW – Return to Play Stage 3

As Victoria has now moved to the Last Step before COVID normal changes took effect from 11:59pm on Sunday 22 November 2020.   Archers of Warrnambool have formulated the following advice for its’ members to facilitate the Return to Play.

The new circumstances have eased restrictions and from 22nd November 2020 and will expand the accessibility of club grounds and facilities to an almost normal shooting situation.

There is a patron cap which represents the number of participants who can be in the venue at any one time. There is also a session size which relates to the number permitted to undertake archery activities. The officers and coaches needed to run the sessions are in addition to the patron cap.

All spectators and parents etc. are included in the patron cap number.

Clubrooms, changing rooms and toilets are subject to the four square-metre rule – one person on average for every 4 square metres of space within a particular area.

For adults, indoor and outdoor shooting is allowed if :-

  • there is no physical contact,
  • equipment may be shared as long as it is adequately cleaned between each use.
  • Records of attendance are to be kept.
  • Clear signage and conditions of entry will be displayed
  • Masks to be worn inside unless in the act of shooting.
  • Members may attend the club to undertake maintenance subject to patron caps.

The following general conditions relating to behaviour and hygiene apply at all times :-

(a) social distancing -1.5m apart.

(b) regular hand hygiene, washing hands in soap and water or hand sanitiser.

(c) respiratory etiquette-coughing into a paper towel (which is then disposed of into a sealed bin) or into the elbow.

(d) ensuring all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Each member is reminded that the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory illness are at most risk of the pandemic and should seriously consider whether to enter.

Come and try activities can recommence subject to the following conditions:-

  • Bookings will be required for each of the two sessions 11.00am-12.00 pm and 12.00 pm- 1.00 pm
  • Bookings from schools or community groups are subject to them having exclusive use of the facility. There will be no patron cap applied although number must be suitable to the size of the facility.

For the Indoor range the number of patrons (including spectators) permitted is limited to the lessor of:-

The density quotient, which is the number calculated by dividing the total accessible area of the indoor range (measured in square metres) by 4 – i.e. 1:4 ratio of people to square metres; and

  • 150

As the indoor range is 5m* x 20 m = 100 square meters /4   =   25 patrons

* The space behind the safety line

The number of members of the public in each group, class or session at any one time is limited to the lessor of

  • The number permitted by the density quotient (1:4)- 25 and
  • 20
  • Multiple classes are permitted with a 10m minimum distance between them.

Spectators must abide by gathering restrictions and should be in groups of no more than 20 and spread out around the venue. They should also maintain social distancing.

The outdoor 90m range and field course will be opened now with access to the Pavilion Club room and toilet facilities.

The number of patrons who can use the outdoor range is the lessor of

Area behind the safety line 8m x 90m =720 square metres /4 = 180

and  500.  i.e.  180

Classes must be at least 10 m apart.

The field course is considered a separate outdoor space with density quotients well exceeding 180

Face masks are not required outdoors unless individuals are unable to socially distance the required 1.5m. Archers can share target butts and faces and retrieve their own arrows.

One member will be responsible for ensuring the Register is completed with the names and contact telephone details of all members present together with the times in attendance.

Hand sanitiser will be provided along with soap and water for use prior to and after the shoot.

Social distancing will be maintained both with archers on the range and all others in the Club house. The 4 square meter rule will still apply along with social distancing and hygiene rules.

Suitable signage and posters will be displayed around the club to remind archers of the requirements.

Michael S Clark
Archers of Warrnambool