Covid Update 2/8/2020

COVID-19 update and club safety.

With yesterday’s announcement of mandatory face masks/face coverings from midnight Sunday for ALL Victoria we have received the below updated safety advice from Archery Victoria.

🎯 Athletes engaged in archery for exercise and active recreation purposes MUST wear a face covering at all times when at the club.

🎯 The only exception to this rule is when you are standing on the shooting line and actively engaged in using your bow, where a face covering may interfere with the travel of the bowstring and cause a hazard.

🎯 At all other times, including when moving to and from the target, your face covering must be in place.

🎯 Athletes must at all times be a minimum of 1.5m away from all others. If greater distances can be maintained then this is preferred.

We want all our members to continue to enjoy the competition, active recreation and positive mental wellbeing that archery provides, particularly during these challenging times. To ensure this and to respect the safety and wellbeing of your fellow members, you MUST wear a face covering if you are entering the club from Monday onwards.