Summer Indoor League 2020

Rounds 5 and 6 of Archers of Warrnambool summer indoor league was postponed for 1 week and held Friday 31st January. It appears the delay may have had a negative effect on our A grade shooters because many archers shot well below their average. Elliot “The Splinter” Riley did manage to equal his personal best of 294, but followed it up with a 279. This is well below par for AoW’s 2019 Compound Shooter of the year. Both Daniel Baker and club captain Dave Reid were also off their game, with “Bakes” shooting 279 and 284 and Dave “Chopper” Reid posting 251 and 268.

Fortunately the traditional archers were able to show how it’s done. Brendan Hyland and Chris Densley shot personal best scores of 118 and 84 respectively. Chris Nesic, shooting compound, also bettered his previous best with a 255. His new Tank 23 arrows from Urban Archery are definitely doing the trick. Well done Lex!


Final scores were;
Elliot Riley – 294* – 273
Daniel Baker – 288* – 279
Dave Reid – 271 – 251
Alex Nesic -236 – 255*
Denise Burrell – 165 – 161
Brendan Hyland – 118* – 80
Chris Densley – 84* – 76


Brendan, left, with Chris after shooting personal best scores.

Rounds 7 and 8 of Archers of Warrnambool summer indoor league are scheduled to be shot on Friday 14-02-2020.
It is still not too late to join the competition. All 3DAAA, ABA and AA Members are welcome.