November 27th Club Competition

Hey Everyone,
With the 27th being our big club competition, regular club activity’s for the day will not be running. such as.
🎯 No member shooting except for those who are competing
🎯 No Come & Try sessions
🎯 No Cadet Skills Development sessions
That said there will be a BBQ on offer during the competition, free for the competitors, everyone else has to pay $5 for a feed.
Soft Drinks and Bottles of water will also be available as well as Tea and Coffee.

End of Year Competition

Hey Everyone,
Members of Archers of Warrnambool are encouraged to participate in the club’s up-coming archery competition on 27th November.
There are grades and categories to suit all levels of skill and whichever bow type you are using.
The entry fee also includes a BBQ lunch, and high scorers will be recognised with awards.
Entry forms can be downloaded, or are available at the club. Entries will close on Monday, 15th November.
For members who don’t have their own equipment, club equipment may be used. Please make a request at the time of placing your entry, and the club will allocate a bow and arrows to you.
We hope to see many members practising in preparation for the comp during club opening hours.
Tuesdays from 3pm – 9pm
Wednesdays from 11am – 6pm
Fridays from 3pm – 8pm
Saturdays from 1pm – 3pm.
Entry Form Download:

Shooting Update

Hello Everyone,
As we all know Regional Victoria is starting to open back up, for how long we don’t know. But this means we can sort of shoot again.
However we must follow these guidelines from Archery Victoria.
🎯Outdoors only. The indoor range is closed till further notice this includes Come and Try’s.
🎯Members Only. if you haven’t paid your fees and or joined please contact Gerry.
🎯Masks at all times except on the shooting line. Just like everywhere else when you are out and about.
🎯No Spectators – Archers Only. Spectators are prohibited except one parent/guardian permitted to supervise children if this is necessary. The same proviso is expected for carers where they are required.
🎯Maintain Social Distancing. We all know this one, please try to maintain a 1.5m distance from each other. i know it can be hard sometimes but we have to try.
Thank you everyone for sticking with us in these hard times. I know we haven’t had a lot of time to shoot this year but let’s hope that soon things will start to change and we can back into the swing of things.

Tokyo Olympics

Hello everyone,

As you all know the Olympics is just days away. So here are the Dates you can watch the Archery on both on Channel 7 and on the 7Plus website and app.

We are only 1 hour behind Tokyo so that makes it easy to watch during the day.

23 July 2021: Ranking rounds

24 July 2021: Recurve mixed team finals

25 July 2021: Recurve women’s team finals

26 July 2021: Recurve men’s team eliminations and finals

27-29 July 2021: Individual eliminations

30 July 2021: Recurve women’s finals

31 July 2021: Recurve men’s finals


For exact times of events go here

Full schedule