End of Year Club Compatition

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know on November the 26th we had our End of Year shoot. While the day was cloudy and windy (For those shooting outdoors), it was still a good day and we had a good showing.

In the morning starting at 9:30 we had the outdoor portion of the shoot, This was the Canberra and the Short Canberra. With strong and blustery northern winds our archers shot very well.

Here are the results for the day:

AoW End of Year Competition Results

Event Winner Runner-Up
Canberra – Compound Alex Nesic Chris Densley
Canberra – Recurve Denise Burrell Peter Hill
Short Canberra – Compound Barret Thomson Max Thomson
Short Canberra – Recurve Mick Austin Gerry Mahony


For our indoor section we had 13 Novice and Junior shooters, shooting from 10m and then 18m. We saw some really good groupings and some very good shots.



Event Winner Runner-Up
Novice – Compound Neil Gamble
Novice – Recurve Kieran Bechman Janelle Graham
Junior Toby Godber Tylie Schroeder


A Big congratulations to all our winners and runners ups. also a HUGE well done to everyone that attended the scores and groupings were a big improvement to last year.

A big thank you to Peter Hill, Mick Austin and Chris Densley for organizing the Event. Mike Clarke for being our Director of Shooting for the day, and for Lisa Austin for working the Check in Desk.

Here are some more photos from the day.

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Indoor League Update 

The Winter Indoor League kicks off this Friday – with one change from last season.

The League will again be conducted on the 1st and 3rd Fridays, with flexibility for archers to shoot on other days when necessary.

The change involves the time of the Friday session. Last season there was one session which started at 6pm and involved 2 x 30 arrows rounds with a rest break between.

This season we will run two Friday sessions, again both being 2 x 30 arrows rounds with a rest break between.

Session 1: Commences at 4:30PM

Session 2: Commences at 5:30PM

The sessions will overlap somewhat, and during Session 1 we will need to accommodate members who wish to shoot indoor but not as part of the League.

All this is manageable.

Again, FLEXIBILITY is a key to the Leagues success, so if these session times don’t suit you, let us know and we’ll work to accommodate your needs.

Maximum participation is our aim, and we will do all we can to enable that.

Scores for the Autumn league will be on the Whiteboard for 2 weeks from this Saturday and 1st place getters in Compound and Recurve events will announced in the upcoming Newsletter.


I will be placing the Autumn Scores up on the website for everyone to access so that we have a record of it all.

Indoor League

The Thomson brothers Max and Jacob shone tonight in Rounds 7&8 of the Autumn Indoor League. Max and Jacob each shot Personal Best scores Max 230 (each round) on a Vegas face and Jacob 230 (80cm) face

Outstanding results boys. Very well done!

In the image we see Max and Jacob with their proud Dad, Barret.

Another new member, compound archer Jacinta Padgett is also showing promise and is another enthusiastic and talented archer.

Travis Thornton’s bullseye at Indoor League. Another highlight was Belinda Simms snaring a PB. Great rewards for two enthusiastic archers! Well done!


The result for the last 2 rounds will be posted later this week.

Field Shoot 9/04/2022

Hello Everyone,


It was a beautiful day for out monthly Field shoot. We had 9 awesome people from out club join us for a day of walking and shooting. For the first round Dave, Jac and Paul Started at target 1. While Barrett, Max and Chris stared at target 13, then 20 Minutes later followed by Gerry, Belinda and Jason on Target 13. while doing our respective half’s it was mostly showing people in our groups who have never shot a FITA Field course before. but fun was had by all.


After doing our respective half’s we stopped for a quick bit and rest. Barrett, Max and Paul had to leave us due to other commitments, so only 2 groups went around. Gerry, Belinda and Jason Started at Target 1, While Dave, Jac and Chris started at Target 13. Due to a Equipment malfunction(Dangerously Frayed D-Loop) Chris retired after shooting one arrow, but still walked the with Dave and Jac.


Lots of Photos were taken on the day as you can see bellow.

Archer Bow Type Peg Targets 1-12 Targets 13-24 Total
Dave Compound Red 132 125 257
Paul Recurve Red 81 DNS 81
Jac Compound White 98 112 210
Barrett Compound White DNS 152 152
Max Compound White DNS 110 110
Chris Compound Red DNS 100 100
Jason Recuve White 119 112 231
Gerry Recurve White 95 76 171
Belinda Recurve White 32 40 72

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